Cel-Shaded Universe (SD 1.5)

Nostalgic Game Style

Cel-Shaded Universe__Art Nouveau+, Adventurer’s_ hat__image-1_1688932327  Cel-Shaded Universe_Voxel art+, golden ring with gem_image-3_1689116320  Cel-Shaded Universe_Cyberpunk+, Face of adventure woman_image-1_1689111344  Cel-Shaded Universe_Minimalism art+, game background forest with river_image-3_1688898138


Cel-shaded Universe is intended to create a style that evokes the structure, shadow and design of cel-shaded game design. This style works well with more 2d and 3d style elements, and is great for character design, environments and props.

Prompting Guide

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