Changing Cosmetics with Dual Reference Images

With Scenario's Advanced Image to Image combined with ControlNet (Dual Reference), its easier than ever to maintain consistency while adjusting cosmetic details of your character.

Reskinning characters & objects is a smart way to add variety without redesigning from scratch!  Swapping out textures, colors, & outfits to create new looks is great for keeping games fresh & players engaged. 

Step 1:

Choose the image you want to reskin and click "Refine"

Untitled design (19)

This image was created using our Signature LoRA Model called '3D Style Chibi Characters'.

Image Prompt: A traveler man, solo

Negative Prompt: ugly, messy, bad, misshapen, bad details, low quality, bad hands, messed up, watermark, signature

Seed: 14827838279823547579

This opens the generation interface with your chosen image pre-loaded in the "Reference Image" menu, ready for transformation. For tighter consistency through this process you can also consider using the seed value from the original image.


Step 2:

Under the loaded Reference Image, open the Mode menu and select "Image to Image + ControlNet". 

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 12.33.38 PM copy

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 12.34.47 PM

Add the same Reference Image to the second Control Image area. You can Drag the Image down, Copy and Paste, or Select it from your library, then select "Structure" from the ControlNet menu.

You will use the colors (pixels) from the reference image and the "composition" (or structure) from the control image.

Step 3:

Modify the Reference Image by coloring the sections you wish to reskin.

showcasing ref im 1

Adjust the Reference Image influence to between 20 - 25 and then click Generate!

showcasing ref im 1 (1)

You can create modifications to the clothing, hair and eye elements, or objects!


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