Character Turnaround with ControlNet

When diving into the world of game design or animation, consistency in character representation is key. One essential tool for ensuring this consistency is the character turnaround, offering a full 360° view of a character.

By leveraging AI tools, particularly ControlNet, creating a character turnaround becomes an efficient and creative process. This guide will take you through the steps of using the Cozy World Builder SD 1.5 Signature Model to achieve this.

turnaround_5 turnaround_3 turnaround_4


Select Your Reference Image:

Untitled (37)

Choose a high-quality reference image that showcases the character's main features. Remember, this will be the base for your turnaround, so it's vital to select one that you're pleased with.


Set Up in Cozy World Builder SD 1.5 Signature model

  • Add the chosen reference image to the model.
  • Activate the Pose mode in ControlNet to ensure the character is presented in various postures.
  • For the highest influence from the reference, set the Influence to 100.
  • Increase the values of Guidance to 09 and Sampling Steps to 150.

Untitled (38)


Crafting the Prompt

The magic lies in crafting a precise and effective prompt. Here's a suggested structure:

realistic 3d style, character sheet turnaround, several poses of the same character turning, [YOUR CHARACTER TYPE] 

Replace [YOUR CHARACTER TYPE] with the description of the character you're focusing on, like "a space explorer," "a medieval knight," or "a futuristic robot."

Untitled (39)


Generate & Iterate

Begin the character generation process. Don't be discouraged if the AI struggles, especially around the fourth pose. With repetition and iteration, the results will become more consistent and in-line with your vision.

Here are some of the results:

Untitled (40)

Untitled (41)


Refining Facial Quality

Untitled (42)

When generating full-body images in various poses, the faces can sometimes appear unclear or distorted. To enhance this clarity, follow the steps below:

  1. Focus on the Reference: Use only the character's head and shoulder image as your reference.
  2. Influence Adjustment: In "Cozy World Builder", set the influence to 50-60%.
  3. Disable ControlNet: Turn off ControlNet mode to retain the original character's features.
  4. Specific Prompt: For this example we used the following prompt:

realistic 3d style, a space explorer blonde girl

 Untitled (43)

By following these steps, you ensure more detailed faces that align closely with your vision.


Animating the Turnaround

The true marvel of a character turnaround is witnessing it in motion, allowing the character to revolve in a seamless 360º rotation. To make this come alive, follow the steps outlined below:

Untitled (44)

  1. Organize the Poses: Start by ensuring you have your five primary poses in the correct order. Typically, this would look like: front view (1), quarter-turn (2), side view (3), three-quarter turn (4), and back view (5).
  2. Duplicate and Mirror: For a full 360º rotation, we'll leverage the symmetry of human (or character) anatomy. This means you'll duplicate poses 2, 3, and 4. Once duplicated, you'll mirror or flip them horizontally. This creates mirrored versions of the quarter-turn, side view, and three-quarter turn, filling in the "gaps" between the back view and front view.
  3. Sequence your Poses: Arrange the poses in the following order(negative numbers are inverted poses):

    Untitled (45)
  4. Animate: With your poses in order, use your preferred animation software to create a smooth transition between each pose. Ensure each transition is even to maintain a consistent rotation speed.




Creating a 360° character turnaround is essential for visual projects, ensuring consistency and clarity in representation. With the power of AI tools like the Cozy World Builder SD 1.5 Signature model, this process is not only streamlined but also opens doors for endless creativity.

Remember, like any tool, practice and iteration will only enhance your mastery and the quality of the results. Dive in and let your characters come to life from every angle in!