Enter the Cozy World Builder (SD 1.5)

Anime and Cozy Game Styles

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Cozy World is our carefully curated Anime and Cartoon style model. It is incredibly adaptable and able to shift to a lot of different anime, manga, and cartoon styles, as well as fit the needs of a broad survey of game styles. 

Anime Styles & Prompting Guides

     To get you started on the right foot, check out our special Anime Style guide as well as our grids full of example outputs. Often, finding an example that is similar to your desired result is an excellent place to start. To find out more about how to use our prompt expressions to further refine these example prompts, visit: Using Prompt Expressions

     In addition, consider that these simple text prompts can be further enhanced, customized and dialed in using our advanced tools such as ControlNet and Inpainting with our Canvas! Advanced Image Creation Tools

Input the following prompt into Cozy World Builder and modify the 'anime' token by adding a stlye.

You can freely experiment with other character classes and types; simply replace the prompt 'a super solider'

Prompt: portrait, anime, a super soldier

Anime (a wide range of styles)Untitled (12)-2

Shonen AnimeUntitled (13)-1

Seinen AnimeUntitled (14)-1

Kodomomuke AnimeUntitled (15)

Josei AnimeUntitled (16)

Anime StyleUntitled (17)

Chibi AnimeUntitled (18)

Gakuen AnimeUntitled (19)

Gekiga AnimeUntitled (20)

Anime ArtUntitled (21)

Shoujo AnimeUntitled (22)

Isekai AnimeUntitled (23)

Ecchi AnimeUntitled (24)

Harem AnimeUntitled (25)

Mecha AnimeUntitled (26)

Slice of Life AnimeUntitled (27)


Prompt Grids

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