Creating Backgrounds with Canvas Elements

It's easy to create lush backgrounds for conceptual art or for Game Maps using the Elements in the Canvas

Open a Canvas Project

  • On the left panel, click Canvas and then click +New project
  • Name your Canvas Project and Select your Model

Add a solid color background

The transparent background of the canvas acts as a 'mask'. Be sure to generate on a solid color background if you do not want the AI to fill in the transparent areas.

  • Select Elements from the Canvas menu
  • Click the square (borderless) element and change the color to your preference
  • Resize the square element to completely fill the canvas
    background (1)

Get creative!

  • You can use the search bar to find basic elements for almost anything you can imagine
  • Double click or drag and drop the desired elements to the canvas to set your scene
  • Select a relevant color to better guide the output of the model
    background (2)

Write a prompt and generate!

  • Select Generate from the Canvas menu
  • Write a prompt to guide your output and click Generate

In this example we used the Minerva 1.0 SD 1.5 Signature Model withe the following prompt:

fantasy, cathedral, sunny blue sky, fluffy clouds, game background, award winning illustration, highly detailed, 8k

First we will look at the output using Image to Image, which you'll notice can take the concept of your scene and return a concept art style result. Adjusting the influence will allow you to keep the output closer to the original, and a lower influence will allow the model to have more freedom.

background (3)canvas-20_09_2023-11h53

For added control to create game maps, use ControlNet. Here we are using the landscape mode to set the scene for a 2d side-scrolling boss battle!

background (4)canvas-20_09_2023-12h34

As you can see it has never been easier to efficiently supercharge your creative flow with our Canvas!