Composition Control: Convert 2D characters and Pixel art for use in Pose mode

How to convert 2D characters and Pixel art for use in Pose mode

Composition Control is a remarkable new tool that offers enhanced control over our creations in Scenario. This guide is designed to educate you on using Pose mode with 2D and pixel art.

Occasionally, Pose mode might not recognize your art, given that it was initially trained using images of real people. Hence, we will adapt your images to ensure their recognition by Pose mode.

First, choose your character image. For the purpose of this guide, I have selected one character from each style.

Please note that both these images are currently incompatible with Pose mode.

After choosing the image, add it or drag it to the Reference Image section. Then, click the button to adjust its aspect ratio.

Craft a simple prompt that emphasizes your character's action or pose.

Be sure to incorporate the keyword "3D model" to provide additional detail to your character. For a more three-dimensional appearance, select a public generator such as "3D Render Style by Scenario".

Click to generate the images and review the outcome.

If the pose varies significantly from what you intended, consider adjusting the value of the guidance for the reference image to have a stronger influence on the result.

Don't fret about the character's appearance in the image; it's the pose that truly matters.

Add the most visually appealing image to the Reference Image section.

In the Composition Control, choose Pose mode. Now, describe your character in great detail in the prompt to reproduce the same pose as the initial image.

Now you can put any character into a specific pose.

Remember to use images with poses of real life people whenever possible.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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