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Discovering Characters: A Creative Journey of Inspiration and Iteration by InfoKG

Discovering Characters

The discovery process in character concepts is an important step in developing a unique and compelling character.

This process involves exploring various aspects of the character, such as their backstory, personality, appearance, and motivation.

The first step in the discovery process is to gather inspiration. This can come from various sources, such as other fictional characters, real people, art, or even nature.

Gather Inspiration

The process of discovering characters is a fascinating and fulfilling journey that unleashes the power of imagination. By tapping into our creative potential and exploring different aspects of character development, we can bring to life unique and captivating personalities.

One often overlooked source of inspiration for character concepts is simply taking a moment to observe and appreciate the world around us. By paying attention to our environment, we can draw from its intricacies and beauty to create unique and interesting characters. Whether it's the feeling of the air or the temperature, the colors of the sky or the patterns of the trees, taking a moment to observe these details can spark creativity and lead to the development of a truly special character.

Photo taken by @InfoKG, New Brunswick, Canada

Starting with the Minimalist Character Art public generator.

Using the shot from my window the first words that come to mind:




Whites and Blues

Diffused sky

Open branches

Using these now as the prompts for the Discovery of our characters appearance.

Finding the source images with the inspiration now presented, the birth of a characters appearance.

With negative prompts


Adding negative prompts to clean up and refine the image now that the spark has been set and the path has been found.

Increasing the steps to 150 and lowering the guidance to 11.


This image stood out to me, running the image back through the same set of prompts with image 2 image.

Image 2 Image @25%

In combination with changing the guidance scale up and down from 11 to 16, 20, down to 15, 8, a pattern emerges, I being to see the essence of the character, the features, the story beings to take shape.

As I gaze at these scenes, my imagination takes hold, and I begin to envision a queen or goddess made of ice, adorned in the same blue hues of the winter landscape. I sense an enchantment surrounding her, powered by the trees and the restful sleep of winter. There is a brightness to her energy, like the warmth of the sun shining on a cold winter's day, and I can feel the magic or power emanating from her presence.

With this sense of wonder around the potential for the new character I am lead to discover more and deepen the relationship between idea and image.

These 4 characters stood out as the potential for developing further.

Now I'll add in a new set of prompts that I got out of these images:

Ice queen/goddess,
Blue hues,
Sleep/winter rest,

These prompts come from the discovery process. Refining the new prompt by adding more descriptions and detail to help improve the character's appearance.

With the guidance scale moved between 11,14,16 and 20 the options of images become clearer to see, and what stands out becomes more direct.

Once the image is found, to see the consistency of how the idea changes between the same image ill run again image 2 image @25% and get the final essence of the appearance.



- The process of discovering characters is a creative and iterative one that involves exploring various aspects of the character, such as their backstory, personality, appearance, and motivation.
- Gathering inspiration is an important first step in this process, and can come from a variety of sources, including other fictional characters, real people, art, and nature.
- Using prompts and negative prompts, along with image-to-image AI tools, can help to refine and develop a character's appearance.
- It's important to be open to experimentation and iteration during this process, as it may take several attempts to arrive at the desired character concept.
- Discovering characters can be a rewarding and exciting process that allows you to bring unique and compelling personalities to life.

The process of discovering characters is about embracing your creativity and allowing yourself to explore different possibilities and perspectives. By leading with curiosity and excitement, you can unlock the full potential of your imagination and create characters that are truly unique and captivating.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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