Scenario Artist Community and the Discord Bot

Discord Interface

The Scenario Bot is powered by Scenario’s API and you can interact with it on Scenario's Discord Server.

The Scenario server features a rotating curation of custom generators from our Public Generators.

Our Discord channel showcases generators crafted in-house as well as those contributed by our talented Artist Network. We regularly feature rotating generators from contributing artists on our public discord server.

To learn more about the Scenario Artist Network, click here.
" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-title csh-font-sans-semibold">Community Guidelines

1. Be kind and respectful. No personal attacks, threatening language, or bullying, or harassment.
2. This is a friendly, encouraging place. Please interact in a way that reflects that value. Be cautious of introducing divisive discussions of laws, politics, religions, etc. The mods reserve the right to shut down topics that become heated, or that we perceive as otherwise damaging to the community.
3. Please try to post in the relevant channel(s), based on the topics discussed. Additional channels can and will be created as we see fit.
4. No spam or excessive self-promotion. It’s OK to share something you're proud of/a part of, just don't overdo it.
5. NSFW content is not allowed anywhere on the server. This includes display names, profile pictures. Keep it clean!
6. Beware of scams, cracks, illegal content, and unsolicited DMs.

Please follow Discord TOS and Community Guidelines: and

Breaking the server's rules can result in a warning or ban. Thank you for your understanding.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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