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TextureLab is a stand-alone tool which will be shortly integrated within the Scenario web app. TextureLab enables you to create unique and artistic textures from any descriptive text.

For the purpose of this quick Tutorial, we will be using TextureLab with Blender.

Blender is a popular free & open source software used in VFX and game industry. It’s combat-proven and a reference for 3D creatives.

Generate your Texture

Enter your prompt (a short description of the texture that you would like to generate) in the text box and hit the generate button.
In this case we will generate "Dragon Scale Tiles"

Once your texture is generated you will be able to turn it into "Clay Mode" or revert it back to "Texture Mode" as needed.
You can also generate different variations of your results.

Download Results

You can download your results as Diffuse, Height or Normal
Textures are generated in TextureLab.

Each following views shows the material rendered in Three JS renderer and related texture maps.

Import to Blender

Get your Blender Scene Ready composed of simple meshs

The stone wall mesh

UV unwrap the stone wall mesh with the height map in background. The square texture will be projected on the mesh according this UV (XY) plane mapping.

Get the texture setup in Blender, we can see our 3 texture maps imported: diffuse.png, normal.png, and heihgt.png. Note the normal and height maps are setup as non-data color space

Final Result

The 3D scene rendered with Eevee native Blender real time engine. All textures are generated by TextureLab

You can now generate texture infinitely and export them to your favorite 3D-rendering platform.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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