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Tutorial: Using Img2Img in Your Workflow

Using Img2Img in Your Scenario Workflow

We try to provide the best possible tools for customizing your image generator. Crafting a generator tends to take some skill and learning overtime, and many users find that using img2img can push a generator towards an ideal outcome without going through the process of retraining.

In this guide, we will share a few possible ways to utilize img2img and show examples of possible settings you might use. We also recommend checking our our introductory video on using img2img for further guidance on integrating the tool into your workflow.

The Basics

Using img2img is easy, and a great way to impact the overall composition of your output. Simply start by clicking on Generate Images and upload an image into the Use an Image as a Starter box.

Once you drop in your image, you'll notice that the slider default sets to 25%.

25% indicates that the image is only going to have 1/4 of the total weight it could have.


0% leaves color influence, but will have very little impact on the final image.


50% tends to be an even balance of influence from your generator and initial image.


75% is heavily influenced by your initial image.


100% looks as close as possible to you initial image.


Using guidance can also increase or decrease the amount your prompts and custom generator shift your initial image. Take a look here at how an image set at 50% changes depending on guidance:

Guidance 7

Guidance 10

Guidance 13

Guidance values can be helpful in creating more weight in color and aesthetic elements. You may find that it's most useful to counterbalance changes in your guidance scale with the level of influence your image has.


Positive Prompts

You an make changes with prompts as well. Prompted changes tend to have more impact when the initial image influence is lower, so in the case of these examples we'll set it to 25% with a 9 Guidance setting.


Highly Detailed

Art Nouveau


Negative Prompts

Negative prompts are useful for removing qualities or details that you don't want the initial image to influence. Just as with positive prompts, the lower the influence percentage, the more the negative prompts will impact the output. In this case it is set at** 15%** and 9 Guidance.

Pink Pastel

Digital Art + Vector*



There's plenty of fantastic use cases for img2img, and it can be used as a powerful tool to support more refined outputs. We recommend you give it a try when you're attempting to create the perfect images!

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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