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What are custom classes?

Scenario has a number of pre-established training classes for users to work with. However, there may be situations where a user finds that they cannot identify a suitable training class for their needs. (For example, humanoid characters that fall outside the normal expectations of a concept such as 'person')

In this case, advanced users may choose to use their own training class. When a custom training class is chosen, training class images are automatically generated in our back end to correspond with the keyword phrase users are prompted to put in. This creates a baseline to train from. From there forward, the generator trains on this custom data.

Training classes are not exactly intuitive, and we recommend they only be used by expert users. Not every training class will work as expected, and our pre-determined classes are more suited for regular use. At this time, custom classes are open only to expert users.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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