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What is the Scenario Artist Network?

About the Scenario Artist Network

The Scenario Artist Network is a beta program intended to empower and uplift artists and designers in the AI community. GenAi image tools are at their best in the hands of creatives - and in that respect creatives should be given opportunities to grow alongside the tech community.

How does the Artist Network work?

Designers and artists who utilize the Scenario platform are invited to apply for a place in our network of professional artists. If an artist is selected, they will be given the opportunity to:

Submit generators for consideration as a part of our public generator selection.
Receive a per generator stipend during our beta program if their generator is selected.
Have access to our private discord channel for resident artists, where specific paid use case or style bounties will be posted.
Be first access to our future plans for artist monetizations on the Scenario platform.

Who is allowed to apply?

Anyone is eligible to apply for the Scenario Artist Network who fits the following criteria:

Current Scenario member.
Has created 2 generators on the platform.
Follows the Scenario T&C.
Has rights to use images in any datasets used for the purpose of creating a generator they wish to publish publicly.

How can I apply?

Applicants will need to do the following:

1. Create a Zip file that includes:
Image Examples from 2 Scenario Custom Generators (5 Images Each).
Images submitted should be labeled in the format of [generator name_image #].
A .txt or pdf or screenshot image file should be included that gives an example of the prompt used to create the image, one per each generator.

2. Fill out our Typeform Application.

3. Check email and discord over the net 2-3 business days.
Once we've made a decision we will reach out both either over email or discord.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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