Exploring Scenario's SD 1.5 Signature Models

SD 1.5 Signature Models: Curated & easy to prompt.

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SD 1.5 Signature Models are specially curated image creation models which have been fine tuned with Scenario users in mind. Ranging in styles from 3D to Anime, the SD 1.5 Signature Models are intended to be flexible, easy to prompt, and consistently top notch in quality.

In this article, we will give a brief introduction to the models in our SD 1.5 Signature Models series. We will provide use case recommendations, sample images, and a few helpful prompt keywords to get your started.


"When should I use a SD 1.5 Signature Model?"

SD 1.5 Signature Models are a great place to start if you are brand new to AI, or if you do not have strict style guidelines to adhere to with your images. SD 1.5 Signature Models have been curated, tuned, and tested to ensure that they are easy to prompt and create outputs that are aligned with a multitude of Game Design styles.

SD 1.5 Signature Model Overview

Generalized Concept Models

The generalized concept models are SD 1.5 Signature Models that are designed to respond to a vast multitude of styles. Each has its particular strengths, but may be interchangeable in quality and up to user preference for a large number of styles.

Suggested Prompt Structure:

For very reliable prompts we suggest the following structure:

[Style or Styles] + [Object and object describers] + [Scene (optional)]

Example:  “Cel-shaded art+++, isometric building of Lighthouse

to make the style stronger add "+" symbols,

to make it weaker remove the "+" symbols or add "-".   

Minerva 1.0 - All Purpose Game Style

Untitled design (1)

Minerva 1.0 is Scenario's first proprietary general fine-tune, carefully created with Game Designers in mind. We have found that specialized models tend to give the best outputs, and this particular model covers a range of elegant design styles. It has high logic and fidelity, and is a great starting point for any user.   

Sample style prompt keywords:

cel-shaded, comic style, low poly, voxel art, flat art, cut out art, line art, fantasy art, blueprint, wire frame, neon, retrofuturism, woodcut, watercolor, Rococo, Art Nouveau, isometric               

Cozy World - Anime and Cozy Game Styles

Untitled design (2)

Cozy World is our carefully curated Anime and Cartoon style model. It is incredibly adaptable and able to shift to a lot of different anime, manga, and cartoon styles, as well as fit the needs of a broad survey of game styles. 

Sample style prompt keywords:

comic style, isometric, game item, shonen, seinen, kodomomuke, josei, chibi, gakuen, gekiga

Minimalist - Simple Structural Style

Untitled design (3)

The Minimalist model is designed for both flat and 3D style minimalist design work, from vector style to low poly. The Minimalist excels in straight lines, both colors, and tends to create solid color backgrounds by default which lead to easier removal of background. Stylized while still allowing for significant flexibility.

Sample style prompt keywords:

low poly, vector, mid century, cartoon, isometric, pixel art, silhouette, embroidered, geometric, game UI

Character Portrait - Ranging Portrait Styles

Untitled design (4)

The Character Portrait model is designed for close ups or portrait style images of a wide variety of characters. This model tends to default more towards realism or semi-realism in face structure, setting it apart from the general model portraiture. 

Sample style prompt keywords:

oil painting, 3d render, unreal engine 5, comic, cel-shaded, block print, vector, fujifilm, watercolor, pen and ink, surrealist

3D Concept Art - Concepting for 3D Designs

3D Concept Art_an oak tree_image-0_1689174335  3D Concept Art_the god horus_image-3_1689174257  3D Concept Art_a pickup truck_image-3_1689174671  3D Concept Art_a quaint house in a medieval villiage_image-1_1689174426

The 3D Concept Art model is designed to create clean and crisp images in a style reminiscent of 3D art. This is an ideal modelfor concepting 3D designs and creating images with a strong semi-realism. 

Sample style prompt keywords:

geometric, low poly, isometric, game style, photo realistic, style of unreal engine 5

Anime Avatar Designer- Illustrated Portraits

Anime Avatar Designer_mech pilot with mech, black skin, man_image-2_1689175469   Anime Avatar Designer_post-apocalyptic survival suit_image-1_1689175320   Anime Avatar Designer_enlightened kung fu master_image-1_1689175577   Anime Avatar Designer_state alchemist_image-3_1689175237

The Anime Avatar Designer can create highly detailed and ranged portrait style images of a multitude of characters. It excels at anime, manga and cartoon art, and can be negative prompted with the word “anime” to steer further towards class cartoon styles. 

Sample style prompt keywords:

3d style, super detailed, vector, solid color background

It is also recommended to indicate particular anime or cartoon styles

Cel-Shaded Universe - Nostalgic Game Style

Cel-Shaded Universe__Art Nouveau+, Adventurer’s_ hat__image-1_1688932327   Cel-Shaded Universe_Voxel art+, golden ring with gem_image-3_1689116320   Cel-Shaded Universe_Cyberpunk+, Face of adventure woman_image-1_1689111344   Cel-Shaded Universe_Minimalism art+, game background forest with river_image-3_1688898138

Cel-shaded Universe is intended to create a style that evokes the structure, shadow and design of cel-shaded game design. This style works well with more 2d and 3d style elements, and is great for character design, environments and props.

Sample style prompt keywords:

voxel art, 3d style, isometric, cyberpunk, character design, game style

Stylized Models

The stylized SD 1.5 Signature Models are flexible and fun to prompt, while providing more focus on a particular style or aesthetic. 

Pudgy Props - Stylized Cartoon 3D Style

Untitled design (5)

The Pudgy Props model is a very fun and easy to prompt stylized model. While it remains highly consistent with it's base style, it is both iterative and creative when presented with multiple subjects. 

To prompt well with Pudgy Props, we recommend following the general prompt format above, and focusing on style words that relate to color or overall aesthetic. 

Sample prompt keywords:

book, tree, vehicle, potion, person, house, boat, pastel, vibrant, soft colors, geometric, cubic, natural lines


JRPG Adventure - Stylized Anime

JRPG Adventure_Mosaic+_image-0_1688931391   JRPG Adventure_Serious black female goddess, looking diagonally, dressed in extravagant and vanguardist clothing, plastic and latex materials, abstract shapes, asymmetric techno ornaments, predomi (1)   JRPG Adventure_Ambient occlusion+, Face of adventure woman_image-3_1688928919   JRPG Adventure_jrpg, jungle explorer, man_image-2_1689177410

The JRPG Adventure is a highly stylized anime model inspired by JRPG games. This creates high quality concept art in a fixed aesthetic and can be a great tool for pre-packaged cohesive world building with minimal prompts.

Sample prompt keywords:

cel-shaded, hand illustrated, Japanese Ukiyo-e, portrait, landscape, adventure


Thanks for reading about our SD 1.5 Signature Models! For more information on prompting, check out our guide to writing a good prompt.