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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Newcomers

Dive into the world of Scenario, the premier platform for generating game assets through advanced AI. Experience a blend of customization and style consistency like never before.

1. Understanding Scenario

Scenario stands as a pioneering text-to-image Generative AI application. It offers users unparalleled control over specific concepts, thanks to its fine-tuning capabilities on a Stable Diffusion foundation. Beyond a web application, Scenario extends its reach to iOS & Android apps, a Discord bot, a Unity plugin, and an expansive API for bespoke creative projects.

2. 3D Asset Creation

At present, Scenario doesn't support the direct creation of 3D assets. However, we're closely monitoring advancements in the AI domain and are eager to incorporate 3D functionalities once a robust pipeline emerges.

3. Pricing Model

We offer a range of Pricing Plans for Each Step of Your Game Art Journey:


4. Deciphering Generators

In Scenario's lexicon, a generator is a specialized model, honed on Stable Diffusion. It empowers users to define style and object parameters, ensuring images that resonate with consistency and intent.

5. Optimizing Image Outputs

The quality of your image is influenced by multiple facets - the chosen dataset, the granularity of fine-tuning, and the nature of prompts. For a deep dive into mastering these elements, our Knowledge Center is at your service.

6. Game Development with Scenario

With Scenario, crafting a game from scratch in a matter of hours isn't a dream. It's a reality.

7. Crafting the Perfect Prompt

With Scenario's unique 'Prompt Expressions' system, and our easy to use 'Prompt Builder', tailoring prompts to achieve desired results becomes second nature.

8. Commercial Use of Scenario Creations

While Scenario champions creativity, it also respects intellectual property rights. We strongly advise against the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.

9. API Integration

Thinking of embedding Scenario into your applications? With our API and a suite of integrations, including a Discord bot and Unity plugin, the possibilities are endless.

10. Registration and Access

Kickstart your Scenario journey by signing up on our main website. For existing users, the web app portal is your gateway to endless creativity.