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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) After Learning to Prompt

Delve into the intricacies of prompting and prompt expressions on Scenario

If you haven't learned the basics of Prompting, start here: Write a Good Prompt on SD 1.5 and Writing a Good Prompt for SDXL and LoRA Models

Understanding Prompts

  - Case Sensitivity

While prompts in Scenario aren't traditionally case-sensitive, each word or phrase in a prompt corresponds to a 'token'. Different cases might yield varying outputs, but differences might be subtle. Familiarity with prompt engineering is advised for optimal results.

  - Negative Prompts

These prompts indicate terms that shouldn't appear in the generated image.

  - Sampling Steps

This refers to the AI's steps in crafting an image. The required number varies based on image size and complexity.

  - Reference Image Utility

The Reference Image feature (Img2img) lets you use your image as a style and composition guide for the output.

  - Consistent Image Outputs

By default, images generated are unique. To narrow output variety, use a Reference Image (img2img) with a high Influence setting, Composition Control Modes, and Seeds.