Start Creating on Scenario

Welcome to Scenario! We are on a mission to revolutionize the way games are made by building advanced generative AI technology that enables anyone to easily create style consistent game assets.

This introductory guide is designed to help navigate our web app platform.

In this short guide we will briefly overview:

  • Navigating the interface
  • Generating images with the Scenario's public models
  • Training custom generators
  • Using prompts to generate images with a custom model

By the end of this guide, you will have a basic understanding of how to use Scenario to generate game assets, and how to use our tools to train your own custom generators. Let's get started!

Navigating the Interface

Scenario has a simple and straightforward interface. When you first log into Scenario you will find the following navigation categories on your left hand panel:

Workspace Name

When you click on the Workspace Name you can switch between workspaces or create a new workspace.


When you click through to the home screen you will find everything quickly available in one place. Quick links to Image Generations and Generator Creation are at the top of the page. You can quickly view your images and Generators by clicking on the appropriate tab. 


All of your custom made generators are housed here, and can be sorted by whether they are in draft form, are in the process of being trained, or have finished training. If you click on an individual generator icon, you will open the Generators information where you can view the dataset and training parameters as well as Copy generator, Transfer to a workspace, Delete generator, and Prompt embedding functions.


All of the images you’ve generated can be found within this section. By scrolling over the images, you can also see the prompt used as well as access the image selection function.

Workspace Settings

Here you can view the details of your Private and Team workspaces, Change the team workspace name, add or remove team members and privileges, Delete workspace, Generate API keys, and view usage details on the Dashboard.

Create a Generator

In this section you can create your own custom generator. This allows you to take your own curated dataset and finetune custom diffusion models specifically for applications such as character creation within a certain style, texture patterns for gaming assets, unique tokens, and so much more!

Generate Images

Your fully trained private custom generators and our public generators are found in this section. This is where you can test out and prompt with any of the generators you have access to. Some users may find that using the public generators is a good way to create datasets for future generator creations.

Canvas (Beta)

When you click through to the Canvas you can use In-painting and Out-painting with any Generator.

Generating Images with the Scenario Public Models

Scenario has a number of public models that are available for all users who want to make assets on the platform. 

The more specialized models, such as the Potions generator or Gemstones, are great ways to see what an ideal custom model might look like. If you want to see the kind of range that a good custom model should be capable of, you may want to try generating a few images without adding any extra prompt modifiers.

You can use these models to ideate new concepts, recreate existing concepts, and curate brand new datasets for custom finetunes!

Learn how to prompt here: Writing a Good Prompt

Training Custom Generators

Most users are likely on this platform for the custom generators, which are incredibly useful tools. On it’s most basic level, custom generators can be used to create a variety of general and hyper focused assets in user directed styles and subjects.

In general, users will need to collect and curate between 15-30 images for a dataset. These images should represent either the style, subject, or both that you would most like to produce. Each type of object or style has nuance to it, and we recommend exploring our Knowledge Center to learn more about specific use cases.

Learn how to train a custom Generator: Learning About Custom Generators

Using Prompts to Generate Images with a Custom Model

All of your custom trained models are available directly on Scenario to create images within roughly 20 minutes to 2 hours of training. You can access them both on the web app and on any Apple or Android device.

Prompting with custom models varies a little from traditional prompting on a Stable Diffusion or Midjourney system. You will find that once you have trained a model that you only need to use a few modifying tokens (that is another way to refer to the words that make up an overall prompt).

Some good starting suggestions are to add guiding prompts that support the art medium or style, communicate information about the subject, or give direction for color and mood. These prompt modifiers should either support or fill in spaces where your dataset may not producing what you want. You can reference our prompt guides for more information:

Using the Prompt Window

Best of Luck!

We are so glad that to support you on your journey of creation! We hope you enjoy this new adventure, and look forward to seeing your creations out in the world.