How to Upgrade or Downgrade a subscription on Scenario


Managing your subscription plan on Scenario is straightforward, whether you're looking to upgrade for more features or downgrade to a simpler tier. Here's a step-by-step guide to adjusting your subscription level through the Scenario platform.

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

To begin, navigate to and log into your account with your credentials. It's essential to have account access as changes to the subscription can only be made from within your account. Additionally, ensure you have administrative privileges, as only users with an admin role are authorized to upgrade or downgrade the subscription.

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Step 2: Access Workspace Settings

Once logged in, locate the ‘Workspace Settings’ on the dashboard. This is where you’ll find various options to customize your Scenario experience, including your current subscription plan and available plan options.

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Step 3: Review Your Current Plan

In the ‘Workspace Settings’, you’ll see the ‘Plans section displaying your active subscription details. This area also shows when your plan is due to renew, giving you clarity on the timing of your subscription cycle.

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Step 4: Selecting a New Plan

To change your plan, consider the needs of your projects or team. Assess the features and limits of each tier to determine which plan best aligns with your requirements.

  • Upgrade: If you require more seats, additional Creative Units, or higher priority in processing and support, click on a higher-tier plan. Upgrading will provide you with more resources to accommodate your growing needs.
  • Downgrade: If you find that you're not utilizing all the features of your current plan, or if you need to reduce costs, select a lower-tier plan that still meets your essential needs.

Note that if you have any questions, feel free to contact

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Step 5: Confirm the Plan Change

After selecting a new plan, confirm your choice. You may be prompted to review the changes and accept any new terms associated with the different subscription levels.

Step 6: Manage Your Seats

If your new plan includes a different seat allocation, you’ll have the option to ‘Manage Seats’. This is particularly relevant if you're on a team or premium plan and need to assign or reassign seats to team members.

Step 7: Finalizing Your Subscription Change

Once you've confirmed your new plan selection and managed your seats, your subscription will be updated accordingly. The change will typically take effect at the start of your next billing cycle.


Scenario’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to adapt your subscription as your needs evolve. With just a few clicks, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan directly within the app, ensuring that your Scenario experience always matches your current requirements. Remember to log in at, head to 'Workspace Settings,' and then to 'Plans' to choose the plan that's right for you.