Image Prompting Using a Reference Image (img2img)

Img2img is a feature that allows you to use your own image as a reference for the style and composition of your output

With img2img, you can choose how closely or differently you want your generated asset to be from your original image. Img2img is capable of making small micro adjustments, as well as completely transforming the reference image.

     This can be a powerful tool for artists, as it allows you to quickly try out different variations on a design, or to create assets that are inspired by an existing image, but not identical to it. It can also be a useful tool for game developers, as it can help to create assets that are consistent with the overall style and aesthetic of the game, while still being unique and original.

     To use img2img, simply upload your reference image, enter your prompt, and then adjust the Influence slider to control the degree of similarity between your output image and the reference image. A higher number value will give more power to the reference image. You can also use prompts to specify details such as colors, compositions, and other specific features that you want to include or exclude in the output image.