Single Reference Image - Image to Image (img2img)

Img2img is a feature that allows you to use your own image as a reference for the style and composition of your output

With the img2img feature, you have the flexibility to control how closely your generated asset resembles your original image. It is capable of making subtle adjustments or completely transforming the reference image based on your requirements.

Why use img2img?

For Artists

  • Experimentation: Quickly try out different variations on a design.
  • Inspiration: Create assets inspired by an existing image without making identical copies.
  • Creativity: Explore new artistic directions with minimal effort.

For Game Developers

  • Consistency: Generate assets that align with the overall style and aesthetic of the game.
  • Uniqueness: Ensure each asset is unique and original while maintaining visual harmony with existing elements.

How to Use img2img

  1. Upload Your Reference Image

    • Start by uploading the image you want to use as a reference. You can upload it from your computer, import it from your library, or directly sketch.
  2. Enter Your Prompt

    • Provide a textual description that specifies details such as colors, compositions, and other features you want to include or exclude in the output image.
  3. Adjust the Influence Slider

    • The Influence slider controls the degree of similarity between your output image and the reference image.
    • A higher value on the slider will result in the output image being more similar to the reference image.
    • A lower value allows for more divergence and creativity, making the output less similar to the reference image.

Example Use Cases

  • Minor Adjustments: If you want the generated image to closely resemble the reference image with slight variations, set the Influence slider to a higher value.

  • Major Transformations: For a completely new and unique output, set the Influence slider to a lower value and use detailed prompts to guide the generation process.

Benefits of img2img

  • Efficiency: Quickly generate multiple variations of an image without starting from scratch.
  • Control: Fine-tune the degree of similarity to suit your project’s needs.
  • Creativity: Explore new ideas and designs effortlessly.

By leveraging the img2img feature, you can efficiently create diverse and unique assets that are either closely related to or inspired by your original image. This tool empowers artists and game developers alike to enhance their creative workflows and achieve consistent, high-quality results.