Introducing Edges Mode

Edges mode is a setting in ControlNet that extracts compositional information from a provided reference image. Edges mode detects the straight lines and corners in a reference image, using those as a guide

What are good examples of reference images?

     Edges mode is a use case specific mode. It will only ever detect straight lines, corners, and shapes that consist of points and lines on a field. Everything else will not be included in the image pre-processing, and the final output will fill in the empty spaces with complete dependence on the information provided by your prompt and model.

Examples of Good References

     As you can see, a good reference image is one that has very distinct and well defined straight lines and edges. The more an image is made up of this information, the more your output will be true to your original image. Other details are not taken into account.




Examples of bad references

     Bad references will depend on how you intend to leverage the tools. However, we have included examples of reference images where the details are partially or almost completely missed by the Edges mode mapping.


grid (1)28-129-1

Feature highlights

     Every ControlNet mode has different features. We’ve shared the primary feature highlights below.

Coherence in gridded patterns

It is often very difficult to communicate isometric or pixel grids to a latent diffusion model, as latent diffusion is uniquely not referencing pixel images in it’s creation process. Edges create the opportunity to outline a very specific hard lined grid when generating images, allowing a designer to make consistent tile elements.



Change depth based on model

     Most other modes are not capable of keeping uniquely straight linework and enabling the style elements of a model to come through. Structure mode shares the ability to remain true to the original image, but it tends to override the style elements. Depth mode maintains structure and style, but softens the edgework of an image.



Structural integrity for man made objects

Many man made objects, such as vehicles and buildings, rely in part on straight lines in aspects of their construction. This often is, in essence, what makes them structurally sound. By maintaining only those elements, designers are able to iterate off of a man made object while still maintaining a certain amount of structural realism.




     Edges mode is a use case specific ControlNet tool, with very powerful results.. As a reminder, a few important points to think about when you are choosing your reference image:


  • Man made objects tend to have straight lines and are more easily recognized.
  • Rounded edges ore lines that are not perfectly straight will be ignored by the pre-processor.
  • Style has no impact on the way the reference image is interpreted


Thanks for reading, and enjoy creating with edges mode!