Introducing Signature Modes

A Signature mode is a ControlNet tool which combines multiple base modes to create a blended and balanced multipurpose tool. Signature modes are typically designed to support a particular use case or style.

How are Signature Modes different from Base Modes?

     Base modes, such as Pose or Structure, use one pre-processor and one ControlNet model during their image creation process.

     Alternatively, Signature Modes consist of two or more base modes that Scenario has explored for a particular style, subject or use case. Signature modes use multiple base modes together and highlight several distinct details of an image’s composition. This allows for more targeted and complex interpretations of reference images. Below is an overview of what elements are combined.

City Mode

City mode combines Edges, Depth, and Segmentation modes. This means that it is paying attention to perfectly straight lines, the area in space that is taken up, as well as the depth of field in an image.

For example, for this reference image:


Three mode maps are detected:

grid (8)

using our Asset Diffusion model with the prompt

a staircase in a post apocalyptic survival rpg, 3d render style, dark, spooky, haunted

we can see the following outputs:

Asset Diffusion (Beta)_a staircase in a post apocalyptic survival rpg, 3d render style, dark, spooky, haunted_image-2_1685561353

Character Mode

     Character mode combines depth and pose mode. It is designed to both detect the pose as well as the general features of an input image, while still providing space for the prompt and model style to show.

For example using this reference image:

Copy of 3d creatrix_Copy of 3d creatrix, girl_image-3_1674322755-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom

Generates these mode maps, which are compared:

grid (9)

Combined and balanced, they produce this output using Asset Diffusion and the prompt:

a super high tech alien creature, bionic, cyborg, 3d render style

Asset Diffusion (Beta)_a super high tech alien creature, bionic, cyborg, 3d render style_image-2_1685561584

Landscape Mode

     Landscape mode combines Structure and Segmentation modes. This preserves lots of nuanced details, which is balanced against overall blocks of space. This is particularly useful for creating environments in multiple seasons, and using real references for game backdrops.

Using this reference image:


That in turn generates the following pre-processed images which are interpreted within the AI:

grid (12)

We can create a environment or backdrop which resembles and entirely different style using Asset diffusion and the prompt:

a strange alien world

using the 80s anime Community Model:

80’s anime_a strange alien world_image-0_1685563381

Interior Mode

     Interior mode is a combination of edges mode and segmentation mode. It is designed to clearly outline the manmade, as well as natural aspects, within an image of the interior or a building or vehicle.

Interior mode can take an image such as this:


And create the following maps:


Which can be powerfully used to reinvent and reskin the final mode map, in this case using Asset Diffusion and the prompt:

happy candy room

Asset Diffusion (Beta)_a happy candy room_image-0_1685564045


     Signature maps are a great introduction to the power of blending mode maps, which can also be achieved using the Scenario API. We will continue to release relevant mode maps, so stay tuned!