JRPG Adventure (SD 1.5)

Stylized Anime

JRPG Adventure_Mosaic+_image-0_1688931391  JRPG Adventure_Serious black female goddess, looking diagonally, dressed in extravagant and vanguardist clothing, plastic and latex materials, abstract shapes, asymmetric techno ornaments, predomi (1)  JRPG Adventure_Ambient occlusion+, Face of adventure woman_image-3_1688928919  JRPG Adventure_jrpg, jungle explorer, man_image-2_1689177410


The JRPG Adventure is a highly stylized anime model inspired by JRPG games. This creates high quality concept art in a fixed aesthetic and can be a great tool for pre-packaged cohesive world building with minimal prompts.

Prompting Guide

     To get you started on the right foot, check out these grids full of example outputs. Often, finding an example that is similar to your desired result is an excellent place to start. To find out more about how to use our prompt expressions to further refine these example prompts, visit: Using Prompt Expressions

     In addition, consider that these simple text prompts can be further enhanced, customized and dialed in using our advanced tools such as ControlNet and Inpainting with our Canvas! Advanced Image Creation Tools

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