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Maximize Your Image Quality: How to Use the Upscaler Tool Effectively

The Scenario Upscaler offers the ability to Upscale and optionally enhance and create on top of your images. Selecting a Preset will adjust the creativity level of your Upscale.




The Precise preset will closely maintain the style and integrity of your image.


The Balanced preset will allow the AI to create on top of your image.


The Creative preset will allow the AI to hallucinate and create many additional details on top of your image.

Some combinations of Styles and Presets can be even more creative. Feel free to experiment and increase the Creativity Slider and Decrease the Image Fidelity to bring out even more interesting iterations.


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Select a Custom Style


To enhance the style of your image, select an optional style preset. These presets are designed and optimized for particular styles to enhance them in guided thematic ways.


The Standard style is general purpose setting with a focus on enhanced details and favoring a boost in realism.


The Cartoon style is designed for classic Sunday morning cartoon styles


The Anime style is optimized for all things Anime and Manga. From Shojo, Josei, Chibi, and more. 


The Comic Style is for images that hearken back to a hand drawn inkblot, golden age of comics influence.


The Minimalism Style is for images that evoke a sense of liminal space, emotional enui, or existentialism.


The Photography Style is for touching up real or realistic images and photos.

3D Render

The 3d Rendered Style is optimized for Computer Graphics and Rendered 3D or 2.5D Images.

Styles and Presets Work Together

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By matching the Style of your image to the selected Style from the menu, you can then pair these settings with a preset to control the amount of additional creativity you’d like to the AI to add.

Style + Creative

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By pairing a Style with the Creative preset, you can greatly transform your input image into a new creation. 

Choosing a Scaling Factor


The scaling factor determines the resulting size of the output image. The Upscale cannot exceed 10k Resolution (10,000 x 10,000 px)

If the AI is creating too many artifacts


You can reduce the Creativity slider, or manually upscale 2x multiple times and adjust the Preset to your desired amount of Creativity each time.

If the AI is creating unwanted faces


You can increase the Image Fidelity slider, or manually upscale 2x multiple times and adjust the Preset to your desired amount of Creativity each time.

If a solid background shows tiling


Remove the Solid Color Background before Upscaling.

Write Custom Prompts


You can easily create your own style or adjust a preset by entering a Prompt or a Negative Prompt into their boxes. 

Describe the Image


Guide the upscale by describing the image you are upscaling in the prompt. If the image was generated using AI, you can use the same prompt the image was generated with.

Describe the Style


Describe the style of the image or the style you want to influence the image with. Adjusting the prompt strength will add more weight to your prompt.

Negative Prompt


Start with a simple negative prompt such as:

blurry, ugly, duplicate, poorly drawn, deformed, mosaic

If the image output has unwanted elements, describe them in your negative prompt.

High Creativity Values


High values on the Creativity slider will naturally create unexpected additions and creative hallucinations to your image. If you want an upscale that is true to the original image, select the Precise preset.

Adjust the Settings


The Scenario Upscaler offers unprecedented control over your upscales. There is endless possibility for experimentation and creative exploration.

Prompt Strength

The Prompt Strength will prioritize the prompt over the image at higher values. A value of 0.5 gives equal priority to the image being upscaled and the prompt or style.

Image Fidelity

Image Fidelity refers to the structural elements and shapes in your image. Higher Image Fidelity values will more closely maintain the original structure of the input image.


Creativity controls how much freedom the AI has to imagine and create new elements for your image. A higher value will be more creative.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR will enhance details in the darkest and brightest areas of your image.


A Seed targets a very specific image generation. If you are happy with an output and want to make small adjustments, use the Seed of your generated image to lock in the direction of your future generation. 

Half Mode

Half Mode refers to the way an image is interpreted through tiling during an upscale. Activating Half Mode will cause the tiles to ‘overlap’, creating subtle changes to the overall appearance and result of an upscale.