Overviewing the API

You're on your way to using Scenario's API to build awesome stuff.

Here are some of the thing you'll want to check out:

API Documentation

Creating an API Key

A bit of vocabulary

You will find many answers about Scenario's concepts and terms in our Knowledge Center. Here are some terms specific to the API:


To create a model, you must upload training images and specify some parameters. Then, our cloud platform will handle the training.


An inference is a request to generate images from a model. You can specify parameters and generate multiple images in a single request.


An image is one of the inference results, similar to the web app.


The API uses Basic authentication, all your requests must have the Authorization header set to Basic <credentials> where credentials is the Base64 encoding of your API key and API secret joined by a single colon : .


For instance, if your API key is hello and your API secret world, then you must compute the Base64 encoding for hello:world which is aGVsbG86d29ybGQ= .
Thus, all your requests must include the following header:
Authorization: Basic aGVsbG86d29ybGQ=

For more information including Recipes to Create and Train your first model, Run your first inference, and Discover all the possibilities by Exporting the API Reference go to: https://docs.scenario.com/docs#-pre-requisites