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To collaborate with your team, create a Shared Workspace.

  Starter Essential Pro Premium





Collaborative Workspace


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Plan Details


Starter Essential Pro Premium
(Workspace allowance scales with seats)
250 500/seat/mo. 2000/seat/mo. 5000/seat/mo.
Advanced Edits
(Upscaling, Background Removal & more)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional generations (each) $0.06 $0.05 $0.04
Max images per batch 4 4 16 16
Textures & 360 Skyboxes
Coming soon
Concurrent Generations
Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped


Generators Starter Essential Pro Premium
Trainings/mo. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max. retained generators 20 100 Unlimited
Concurrent Trainings Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped
Workspace Management Starter Essential Pro Premium
Max Collections
Coming soon
20 100 Unlimited
Workspace Storage 50 Gb 1 Tb 5 Tb
API Access


Coming Soon

Support Starter Essential Pro Premium
Support Tier Community Standard Enhanced Advanced
Knowledge Center & e-Learning Hub
Ticket Support
Generator Training Assistance
Dedicated Account Support