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Prompt Embedding Overview

Quickly freeze custom prompt expressions and share them with your team for endless iterations.

By setting your own key phrases or 'tokens', you can instruct your model to produce images that align precisely with your vision, and freeze them in your private or team workspaces. With prompt embeddings, you can ensure consistent style and theme across your outputs, without the risk of overfitting the model.

Step 1 : Find a prompt you love

Step 2: Click on the Pencil icon above the prompt field and use your mouse to highlight the text inside the prompt field

If you are using a PC : hold down the crtl key and press c

If you are using a Mac : hold down the cmd key and press c

Step 3: On the left panel click the Models tab, then from your list of Your Models select the model you used:
Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 11.23.15 AM   Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 11.43.18 AM

Step 4: On the right panel of your Model's page, select Prompt Embedding, then click on the text field

on PC: hold ctrl and press v

on Mac: hold cmd and press v

Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 11.50.20 AM
Click the Save Button

Step 5: You can now click 'Generate Images' and your Prompt Expression is pre-loaded into your Model giving you precision control over endless iterations!