Exploring the Sandbox Generators

Sandbox Generators are sample generators with included training data and settings

Understanding the process of training a generator is complex and can take time and trial & error. Our Sandbox generators provide valuable examples of successful trainings. You can view the dataset used as well as the training parameters to further guide and illuminate the process.


Click on Generators on the left side panel (if you do not see the menu drag your mouse all the way to the left side of the screen:


Click on any Generator that interests you to open up its training information:


You can click on the image icon on the far right to view the dataset:


Exploring our Sandbox Generators, viewing their settings and comprehending the approach behind the dataset used can provide an incredible shortcut to understanding what makes a good dataset, and how the training parameters can result in the final custom Generator.


After analyzing the training parameters and dataset, we recommend running some tests by generating some images on the custom generator to further comprehend how the whole process results in the observed output.

For a method of testing a custom generator click here!

For more guidance on curating a good dataset click here!